Parenting Support

Being a parent carries a lot of responsibility, and the process can be difficult at times.     Whether you are married or single, you may have feelings as though you are on your own, especially if you are dealing with a difficult situation or behavior issues with your child.    It’s important to address these problems, and seeking the help of a therapist can help find meaning, gain insight into thoughts, feelings, challenges and strengths.  

Why is parenting support necessary?

Sometimes a parent needs guidance and direction when, where and how to set rules and boundaries for a child.   If a person is going through a challenging situation, this can affect a child or children involved.    Each of these issues can affect a family unit, and its important that you don’t weather the storm alone.   

Theraplay is guided interactive play therapy approach with parents/caregivers and children together and can assist with improving parenting skills, as well as secure relationships between the parent and child.

What does Theraplay or parenting support look like?

  •  30 min interactive play assessment  
  •   one-on-one sessions with a therapist and parent/caregivers
  •  30 min interactive play therapy sessions involving parent/child/family
  •  Debrief sessions with parent/caregivers with feedback and support 

  •  Support can be helpful if you have a young child who is going through difficult transitions, or has experienced some kind of trauma in the past,  or if you have difficulty communicating with your child 

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