Creative Arts Therapy

Creative arts therapy can be used with other talk therapy modalities and it is a experiential and explorative therapy approach using: art, visualization, music, writing, play, story telling, poetry, movement and the imagination to gain insight and understanding to feelings, thoughts and experiences.   

No art/music/writing skills/talent are necessary.

Teenagers and adults can also have a difficult time expressing their innermost feelings in words.  Individuals who may benefit from creative arts therapy include those affected by:

When working with adults, a therapist may use talk therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy and depending on the individual may want to also try an art therapy activity, dramatic role-playing or sand-tray therapy to help you get in touch with feelings that are hard to talk about. These therapies can help you work on strategies for dealing with particular scenarios.

The very act of being creative and using the imagination, such as art or music making, creative writing, dance, can help you relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life and benefit our ability to process uncomfortable issues.

Art therapymusic therapy, and movement can help reveal hidden traumas and promote healing. Under the guidance of an experienced therapist, creative arts therapy can be a valuable tool in getting you where you want to be and help you find meaning and insight into feelings, thoughts and experiences. 

Expressive arts therapy for teens and adults may be used as a complement to other types of therapy and medications. As with children, the therapist will tailor creative arts therapy to your specific needs in the moment.

  • taking more responsibility for certain behaviors and identifying stuck thought patterns
  • developing coping strategies and creative problem-solving skills
  • self-respect
  • empathy and respect self and for others
  • alleviation of anxiety
  • learning to fully identify and experience and express feelings
  • stronger social skills
  • stronger family relationships

 Art skills, talent or experience are not necessary for expressive arts therapy. 

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